Getting Started

Getting Started!

This is a self paced course, so take your time going through the planning and preparation stages.

I highly recommend that you watch all 5 videos and read each of the video action plan sections and lessons before you buy, cut, build, or plant anything.

This will help you make a well informed plan for your garden setting you up for success from the start.

Then, before you start each step, re-watch the video to refresh your memory and complete the preparation steps in the accompanying Action Plan.

The pdf Action Plan is divided up into the individual lessons of this course.

You can find your full PDF Action Plan in the Access, Action Plan, and Contents lecture if you want to print it all out for in the field reference.

Once your garden is planted, start your garden journal right away.

You could even add pages and the pdf fun sheets to start it before you actually plant. Add in your dream garden plans, notes, scribbles, ideas, and any other documentation you want to keep including your building process and materials and shopping lists.

It is so important to track your success and challenges, to document your discoveries and ideas, and to have an excuse to spend time in the garden observing and reflecting. Keeping a garden journal is a great way to green up your thumb while connecting with the nature in your area and your garden specifically.

Do a new garden journal each year. This will help you understand the cycles of insects, rainfall, sprouting, and fruiting better.

Then if something seems strange to you - like Are the robins early this year? When do I plant my tomatoes after the frost? Will the squash borers arrive soon? Will my watermelon ripen while I am on vacation? How much did it rain last October, are my fall seedlings safe from fungus? - you can look back and reference the patterns of previous growing seasons.

Find your Garden Journal PDFS in the Garden Journal Lecture!