“Understanding comes only when, standing on a beach, we can sense the long rhythms of sea and earth that sculptured its land forms and produced the rock and sand of which it is composed; when we can sense with the eye and the ear of the mind the surge of life beating always at its shores—blindly, inexorably pressing for a foothold.” Rachel Carson

Hello and Welcome!!

I am so happy to have you here in Draw Deeper Into Nature! Take a minute to thank yourself for your commitment to your creative practice and to your relationship with nature.

Nature journaling is a sure fire way to get to really know the nature you see, while having lots of creative fun at the same time - which is good for body, mind and planet!!

To start off, watch the welcome video, check out the welcome material sections, gather your supplies, join the course community and introduce yourself, and download and print your thumbnail sketch, Let's Grow! fun sheet, and supply shopping list.

For organizational sake, I divide the lessons up into weeks, but this is a self paced course, so by all means schedule the "weeks" and activities to fit your schedule best!

Check your junk for Facebook group invites, or go straight to the Draw Deeper Into Nature group page and click ask to join to speed the process up.

Thank you so much for choosing to share your creative nature time with me!

You'll hear me talk about practice a lot in the upcoming weeks, both as a noun and a verb.

Check out this blog post I wrote on the Joys of Practice here!