These are the supplies I use in the videos. You can buy these specific supplies, or you can definitely use what you already have on hand at home.

I will say though, that with art supplies you do get what you pay for and low quality brushes and paints can make learning to draw and paint frustrating. If you aren't sure about specific art supply or purchasing lingo and jargon, check out my free Tools for Nature Journaling Video Series on You Tube.

Learn all about getting the most for your money, what paper weights mean, what all those brush names are, and more! Get the video links here on my blog!

Herb Studies Workshop Supply List

140 lb cold press watercolor paper

Watercolor paint in pan or tubes. I use a combo of these colors and prefer tube paint when not in the field, but that is totally personal preference.
Naples yellow
Cadmium yellow
Yellow ochre
Hookers green
Sap green
Olive green
Raw Umber
Burnt sienna
Violet (thalo purple)
Prussian blue
Thalo crimson
Cadmium red deep

Pigma Micron black pens in 01, 02, and 05 sizes

H2 drawing pencil

Round 0, 3, 6, 10 (These are just what I use, but you may want choose your favorites or if you have a 4 or a 2 and not a 3 that is totally fine, don't go buy a 3 use what you have.)

Echinacea flowers
Lemon verbena spring
Shiso leaves